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Dr. Douxi Armpit Whitening and Expoliating Cream Shopping99 Made From Taiwan

Let’s roll…

So yes, I am really into anything that will make my pits whiter and odor free. My pits aren’t that dark before I gave birth to my 2nd child. So it really became an issue, that I am now less confident to raise my arms due to the darkness around that area. 

To be honest, I spend more time and effort now in cleaning my pits than my face. I’ve tried different whitening products. Some whitening products are effective to whiten but it makes me smell. And as a mom, I really don’t have much time to have a lot of beauty rituals so I am always in search of an underarmproduct that can whiten and make my pits odor free too. 

The other day, while I was browsing on my Facebook Feeds I saw a short advert about this Dr. Douxi product and made me really order right away because of what it says. Whitening and a deodorant too. I ordered the product within that day. I’ll have a seperate blog on how to order in Shopping99.

Package received!

Same height as my 5inch lenovo phone.

Ok. So how was it?

Here’s my underarm before expoliating. 

Ewwwww. Yuck! Yuck! That’s the result of using baking soda. I’ve risk using the natural deodorizer eventhough it darkens my underarms. Baking soda is the best in removing the odor but not in whitening. That’s why I’ve consistently searched for something like this Dr. Douxi product. 

Here’s the after result. 

So what can I say? It definitely whitened my pits in just one scrub. You will feel the dead skin cells forming and leaving your skin while you’re scrubbing it in a circular motion. This is just my first time to use it but I have seen the result right away. I will continue to use it twice weekly as instructed. 

About the deo feature? You won’t believe it but… It’s like a miracle!!! Just after scrubbing with this cream. I washed my pits with running water and pat dry. Then I didn’t put anything else anymore because it says that it’s already a deo. So though i’m very uncomfortable to go out without a deo I bravely did it! 😂 AND YOU KNOW WHAT???? NO SMELL ALL OVER MY USED TO BE SUPER SMELLY PITS!!! I can’t believe it too. Like, how did that happen. I even went out on a very sunny day to test it’s promise! And it really works!!! I’m so excited to see the results of continously using it. Would I recommend it? Yes yes yes! I am planning to buy more shopping99 products soon. And i’ll make a review too. 

Thanks for dropping by! Cheers! 


Munafie Japanese Slimming Panty Review (theredmommy)

Let’s roll…

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of this in the internet. They say this Japanese Slimming Panty would help you achieve a slimmer body just like those Japanese gals in an instant. 

Sounds interesting! But does it really work?

So, I ordered this product through Lazada for a discounted cost of Php189.00. It is cheaper than the regular cost of Php200-250. 👌 Yes, different prices from different sellers. I have read that it depends if you’re purchasing it as a reseller or just a regular buyer plus the shipping fee.

It has two available colors, black and nude. I bought the nude one so I can wear it even in an almost see through Shirt or dress. 

It is in a white ziploc plastic bag with the product name MUNAFIE with some Japanese letters below (I don’t know what it is/means).

At the back you will see something like this.👇

All in Japanese letters. 

Once you open it you will be able to see the Slimming Panty right away. No additional plastic or flyer to read. 

This is how it looks like. 👇



Close up of the upper garter area

Bottom part

The Lace

It looks pretty cute. I don’t have any problems of wearing it everyday if I have a lot of it. Also, the fabric is so smooth and soft. 

Anyway, I took it out of the bag right away and tried it. 


This slimming panty is super stretchable you’re not going to have a hard time wearing it. I was kinda hesitant at first because it looks like it is so small for my belly but it did fit! And it is just so comfortable to wear! Super!


No you’re not looking at the same photo. Spot the differences. Anyway, I was a bit disappointed after wearing it. Yes, it is so stretchable and breathable compared to those traditional panty hose or binders. But it didn’t really satisfy my wish to have a smaller tummy. I think this would only work to those who have a smaller tummy than mine. Specially that I have just given birth 5 months ago, I think those pregnancy fats are having a good time on my tummy. 

So, would I recommend it? I say no. 

I will try to wash and wear it everyday to see if it would somehow make any difference and will get back to you guys maybe after a week.

Thanks for dropping by! 😘