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Sgt at Arms Deo Spray by Fairness and Flawless (Product Review)

Let’s roll…

Introducing a deo spray which promises to keep your UAs whiter, smoother and fresher. 

I saw this product in Instagram but bought it in a Physical Store(Reseller) in Market-Market, Taguig for Php185. Price varies if you’ll buy it directly from FnF Store or if you’ll buy it online or from a reseller. It may increase due to the seller’s discretion or the shipping fee. 

So, how was it?

Ok, take a look at my UA before using Sgt at Arms. 

Yup! I know. It’s unwaxed. Dark. Had chicken skin all over. Plus the stretch mark on the left. It’s a no filter photo.

Before you say a word, this is a picture of a mom who just gave birth months ago and was lucky enough to have a darker pit after. No, this ain’t an excuse! This is reality! Eat it!!!!

Anyway, so yeah, I bought this last November 4 and had been using it everyday, every after shower. It’s been a total of 12 days already and let’s see…

Whiter? Yes, there was an improvement. Smoother? Yes. I see less chicken skin. Fresher? I would say no. It’s the 7th day of my menstruation today and the deo isn’t helping with the bloody smell though I had dry pits the whole day, as in! But it would be better if they’ll make UAs odor free specially on our bloody days when you feel so dirty all over. 

I think that it’s a good product when it comes to whitening, smoothening and controlling sweat but again still needs to improve on making our UAs odor free. About the hair retardant promise, I’m not so sure. It wasn’t that visible. I’m going to continue using it, just because, hello? Sayang kaya. And I will keep you posted after, a month probably. 

Would I recommend it? Yes. It ain’t perfect but it still works and the price is good too. 

‘Til next post! Cheers! 


Pre-Eclampsia in Pregnancy (theredmommy)

Let’s roll…

It was my 2nd pregnancy. I thought I was already an expert but I wasn’t. Trust me. Every pregnancy is different. 

After getting married last 2014, my husband and I decided to have our 2nd baby. The first few months were depressing. Everyone just keeps asking, “So when are you going to have another baby?”. I guess that’s the next question after… “When are you going to marry?”.

Until one day, it just happened. 

2 lines!!! I surprised my husband about it and he was so happy!!!

First trimester ain’t a joke. I had instances when I needed to be rushed to the hospital because of UTI and/or bleeding. Bed rest for weeks. The result was good. 

2nd trimester was a lot better. Some cramps and pregnancy issues but nothing worst.

3rd trimester was also going well. We thought so! I had gained so much weight. My feet, hands and face all started to swell. My neck and underarm’s skin were getting darker. I have trouble breathing and always catches my breathe. 

2 days before giving birth. Things started to get worse. Blurred vision, severe headache and dizziness and some mild stomach aches. I have been reading about those signs every night and day but I keep denying to myself that I am not well.

Until, my husband saw me crying in pain. I’m that type of person who doesn’t like declaring that I’m unwell. If I can take it then i’ll keep it. He rushed me to the lying in clinic where I was scheduled to give birth. 

The midwife and the doctor were shocked to see that my blood pressure is 160/100. They tried it again and it even went to 170/100. It was a surprise because I have not been getting high blood pressure during those scheduled pre natal check up. The doctor advised to immediately go to a hospital. She pointed that hypertension is one of the major causes of pregnancy mortality recently. And it even scared my husband. 

We went to the nearest hospital through their emergency services. I wasn’t really taking it seriously. I thought the midwife from the clinic was just over reacting because c’mon this is already my 2nd pregnancy. My 1st was just oh so smooth so I already am an expert. But no! 

Upon checking my bp again, which went up to 180/100 then 190/100. They asked me to lie down. Inserted some IV and medicine. Oxygen and some machine on my tummy to monitor my baby’s heart beat. They extracted some blood and performed a urine test which revealed that I have protein in my urine. 

My husband was with me all the time. Until they saw the result and brought me to the labor room. I wasn’t allowed to drink nor eat anything. 

For 24 hours, I was continuously monitored. That’s when the suffering started. I wanted to sleep but I can’t. I want to make sure that me and my baby will be ok. 

I had a catheter on and because of not being able to drink anything. It just keeps releasing blood to the inserted catheter. It was terribly painful. Plus, the need to do an examination to my cervix almost every hour. They also inserted some primrose inside to help me induce labor. Hours after, the doctors are seeing no/very slow progress. It was still 2cm. So they decided to really just manually pop my waterbag and open my cervix. I was shaking, crying and all I can think of was my eldest daughter. My body is almost about to give up. But motivating yourself really helps. I keep telling myself to be strong cause someone’s waiting for me outside and it will soon pass. 

Finally, the doctor brought me to the delivery room. They say because of my condition they will have to inject an epidural anesthesia to me. 

I was crying but still talking to myself. Saying I can do this! 

While preparing the anesthesia, I already felt that my baby is coming out. So I shouted, “Doc ayan na po. Lalabas na po. Lalabas na!!!” But they can’t allow me to push it harder because of my condition. They asked me to hold it.  Then they helped me stay on my side so they can inject the anesthesia. 

The anesthesia was just the best thing that happened at that time. All the pain was gone. Though I had forceps inserted I didn’t feel any pain when my baby went out. 

I was so happy to see my baby out. She looks 99% like her daddy. She had a red mark on her face because of the forceps which stayed for about 48 hours. 

She also had some clot on her eyes which went away after 1 week or two. 

Recovery after that traumatic experience wasn’t also that easy. I needed to stay at the hospital because they wanted to make sure that I am fine to be sent home. My baby also was diagnosed with sepsis and jaundice so we stayed longer inside the hospital.

This wasn’t really how i expected my 2nd pregnancy to happen. I thought that it will be a lot easier than the 1st. But I guess not. I was so relaxed that I compromised a lot of things. I wasn’t taking my pre natal vitamins, always sleeping late and sometimes not even sleeping. Eating anything I want with no control. I learned my lesson. 

I tell you every pregnancy is different. It’s been 6 months. And I still haven’t recovered. I developed a Fissure after giving birth it made me go to the hospital every month. On the 4th month I needed to undergo surgery because my Fissure became chronic. I am still in pain every now and then but I know God will heal me. I don’t know when but I know he will.

I am sharing this because I want everyone to learn a lesson. Always listen to your doctor and don’t forget to pray.

Thanks for dropping by! 😉

Munafie Japanese Slimming Panty Review (theredmommy)

Let’s roll…

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of this in the internet. They say this Japanese Slimming Panty would help you achieve a slimmer body just like those Japanese gals in an instant. 

Sounds interesting! But does it really work?

So, I ordered this product through Lazada for a discounted cost of Php189.00. It is cheaper than the regular cost of Php200-250. 👌 Yes, different prices from different sellers. I have read that it depends if you’re purchasing it as a reseller or just a regular buyer plus the shipping fee.

It has two available colors, black and nude. I bought the nude one so I can wear it even in an almost see through Shirt or dress. 

It is in a white ziploc plastic bag with the product name MUNAFIE with some Japanese letters below (I don’t know what it is/means).

At the back you will see something like this.👇

All in Japanese letters. 

Once you open it you will be able to see the Slimming Panty right away. No additional plastic or flyer to read. 

This is how it looks like. 👇



Close up of the upper garter area

Bottom part

The Lace

It looks pretty cute. I don’t have any problems of wearing it everyday if I have a lot of it. Also, the fabric is so smooth and soft. 

Anyway, I took it out of the bag right away and tried it. 


This slimming panty is super stretchable you’re not going to have a hard time wearing it. I was kinda hesitant at first because it looks like it is so small for my belly but it did fit! And it is just so comfortable to wear! Super!


No you’re not looking at the same photo. Spot the differences. Anyway, I was a bit disappointed after wearing it. Yes, it is so stretchable and breathable compared to those traditional panty hose or binders. But it didn’t really satisfy my wish to have a smaller tummy. I think this would only work to those who have a smaller tummy than mine. Specially that I have just given birth 5 months ago, I think those pregnancy fats are having a good time on my tummy. 

So, would I recommend it? I say no. 

I will try to wash and wear it everyday to see if it would somehow make any difference and will get back to you guys maybe after a week.

Thanks for dropping by! 😘